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Membership is open to anyone who is 18 years or are older. You can join a Masters Club to train and compete in club, branch and national Masters events. You can travel the world as an Australian Masters swimmer and train with any Masters club.

It would be a good idea to contact the club or visit the pool when the club is training to introduce yourself and to find out whether the club suits you. If you would like more information just send us a message from the Contact page. Whilst making up your mind you can have 4 come-and-try sessions in the first month before you join.

Membership is for a calendar year so runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. New members and re-registration for existing members can be completed online via the Masters WA website. Four and sixteen month memberships are available after the 1st of September.

Click here to go to the Masters Australia website and then click on the Membership button in the Portals section on the right of the window.

12 months (due in Dec for membership of the following calendar year)
6 months (for memberships starting in July)
16 months (for memberships starting in September)
12 months non-swimmer membership

The membership fee does not include pool entry fees at the South West Sports Centre.

Most of the membership fee is sent to the National and State Masters swimming organisations. For the 12 and 16 month memberships we retain $55 and $80 respectively and all of this is used to hire lanes at the South West Sports Centre for the four training sessions a week. Additional fund-raising is used to cover the club running costs and subsidise the lane hire for members.
Membership of Masters Swimming Australia confers many benefits which you can read about here (you have to click on the blue text under 'Why join?').

* Pensioners with a healthcare card and full time students can apply for a 50% discount on the club part of the fee ($35 reduction to $120). See the club President or Treasurer after joining to apply for the refund.

Membership with multiple clubs
Members can join as many clubs as they like, including clubs in different states if desired. The primary club shall be referred to as the member's First Claim Club. All other clubs shall be referred to as the member's Second Claim Club.

For a First Claim Club, the club member will pay the required Club, Branch and National components of the membership fee. For any subsequent club memberships, the swimmer will pay only the club fee if all clubs are within the same Branch and a club plus Branch fee if any clubs are in different States.

The Bunbury Masters Swimming Club is very grateful to the companies below that sponsor us

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